American Recorder Orchestra of the West
Oakland, California. Director: Richard Geisler.
Dana Ross Photography
Official photographer for LARO.
Dortmund Recorder Consort
Dortmund-Scharnhorst, Germany. Director: Dietrich Schnabel.
Dutch Recorder Orchestra Praetorius
Leiden, The Netherlands. Director: Norbert Kunst.
Heart of England Recorder Orchestra (HERO)
Coventry, England. Director: Colin Touchin.
An early music ensemble based in Southern California. Director: Carol Lisek.
Jouyssance des Instruments (JDI)
A period-instrument ensemble based in Southern California.
Co-directors: Ted Stern and Thomas Axworthy.
London Recorder Orchestra
London, England. Director: Denis Bloodworth.
Manchester Recorder Orchestra
Stretford, Manchester, England. Directors: Colin Martin, Ian Chesters and David Walsh.
Manhattan Recorder Orchestra
New York City. Director: Matthias Maute.
Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra
Palo Alto, California. Director: Fred Palmer.
North East Recorder Orchestra
Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Director: John Hawkes.
Phoenix Recorder Orchestra
Near Bristol and Gloucester, England. Director: Pam Smith.
Quartet New Generation
A quartet from Europe that play their recorders like no one else in the world.
Recorder Orchestra of New York
Long Island, New York. Director: Deborah Booth.
Recorder Orchestras of the World
A research paper by Richard Geisler.
Recorder Players West
A learning group based in West Los Angeles, California. Director: Rotem Gilbert.
Southern California Early Music Society
Supports the study, performance and enjoyment of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music in Southern California.
Southern California Recorder Society
A chapter of the American Recorder Society with monthly meetings in Los Angeles, California.
Wirral Recorder Orchestra
North West England. Director: Grace Barton.